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2008 is over, and I need to wrap-up this blog. The music is soooo 2008! ;))

There were big plans to possibly make this research into a paper, but all the things that happened in 2008 didn't give me the time to devote on that. And now it feels too late. The piece is done, I'm happy with it, and preparing a CD release. So I guess it turns out that I find the music much more important than talking about it. And the method to make this work was a good way to get started, but I didn't work it through as rigorously as intended, at all. I'd still like to do this again once, with the following restrictions, learned through this process:

  • use much less sounds to start with, and much shorter ones (27 samples of 0:30 - 1:00 min gave me too much material)
  • restrict the outcome of the processes in time - in making Stranger the processes delivered samples between 30 sec and 3 min - again, too much material
  • differentiate the various parts of the composition in articalation

In the meantime the composition has been performed at Culturelab (diffused using the Resound system) and STEIM (the stereo version). I'm looking for more opportunities, submitting it to various conferences and festivals.

So long...