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At CultureLab Newcastle [2]

Friday afternoon, the end of my first week at CultureLab.

The week was very fruitful - I have a working multichannel setup, with three stereo channels that can independently be diffused using the joystick through SuperCollider 3 to the Resound system. So whatever audio I send to channels 1+2, 3+4 and 5+6 can be processed - I just tried it a bit with my live performance setup, and it works great! An interesting side-effect there is that the joystick has two functions there. A welcome restriction in diffusion-world, where I still have to find my way. The dilemma as always is about balance: between vulgar effect (sweeping sounds through the space) and subtle musical movements. Too much effect and it gets boring very quickly - too subtle and the audience (and myself too actually) wonders what the hell you're grabbing that joystick for. I have to find this balance between performance and spacebar-music. Between just playing back tracks and gestural treatment of the sound in the moment.

This weekend I'll be just playing with the system - finding out its response. But also takin g a break: visiting Tynemouth for a walk along the coast and the used-stuff market there.