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May 1, 2008 - May 2008 Archives

Working at STEIM - 1

First day of a long weekend at studio 1 in STEIM.

The presentation at LOOS last Sunday went well. The crowd was mixed: some Sonology guys, some composition students and teachers, some HKU people.

I played the last 9 minutes of the total of 25 minutes I have now, did not tell much about the piece before I asked the following questions:

Q: Did you recognize any of the material?
Nobody recognized Bladerunner, which is very good. Like I explained to them, Bladerunner is sampled so much, I wanted to use the sounds from the movie, but not recognizable.

Q: About the structure of the work, please choose:
A. There is an overall structure
B. It's just multiple short sections without any connection

Q: About the material used in the work, please choose:
A. It is too fragmented - all over the place
B. It's coherent throughout the composition
C. It is very similar - it gets boring

On both questions I did not get much hands in the air, but they did start some discussion. Some people heard two parts in the piece, but the most important feedback I boiled down from the various remarks was that the piece might be a bit too homogenic - with the material and the grouping I have I should add more variety in articulation.

So I've been trying to achieve that today, by thinning out here and there, and adding some space in some parts - allowing small silences. I might need more, but I'm not sure yet.

Also I've collected all the separate parts into one Nuendo setup, so I can make subtler crossfades between the pieces - before I would mix down the sections (1 through 27 - one group of all descendents of one axiom) and then in another Nuendo setup make the overall edits.