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Phase 2 - Starting up

Phase 2 of the project started.

I grouped all soundfiles according to their ancestor, which in turn were numbered 1 through 27. Then I just started to work with the samples of group 1, tried to add more structure to the files. This gave me a pretty interesting structure of about 6 minutes. I didn't stick to the order within the generations, just basically put all descendents of 1 on a pile and picked the ones I liked in the order that seemed interesting. After this I continued with groups 2, 7 and 8 (3 - 6 just didn't seem that interesting, and I can be picky as I have a ton of material). This gave me a total of 20 minutes worth of composition, that I really start to like after repeated listening.

A couple of thoughts:
* If I continue this way, the piece could end up being pretty fragmented, with no overall structure. Of course there will be an internal structure in every group (1 - 27), but since I'd then just concatenate them the order seems arbitrary. But maybe the processes (that after all are similar through every generation) will give it coherence?
* Should I shorten the 'pieces' I've put together? Or should I just go on, and end up with a cd worth or material?
* If I decide on a composition of 1 hour +, would this stay interesting? Or would the fact that the processes are similar through the piece make the piece repeating itself?