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EMS - Wednesday & Thursday

Two days in one post. Yesterday wasn't very exciting. I was mainly routinely generating material.

Last night though I was playing around with Audition, and decided to add two more processes:
* Pitch bender: changing the pitch of a sample over time, sometimes subtly, sometimes quite drastically - very much dependent on the sound material.
* Noise reduction (keep only noise) (with 'noise' from next sample): this is kind of crossbreeding: take a snippit from the next soundfile in line, and use that to apply the noise reduction filter in Audition - but instead of getting rid of what you filter out ('noise'), keep just that.

So all day today I've been again generating material, starting the 2d generation. I'm not applying every process on every sample though, that would get me way too many files, and some just don't work (LP filter over LP filter f.e.). Some outcomes are surprising!

I actually realized today that I don't have too many processes, but I started with too many soundfiles (the 27 'axioms').

Then tonight I added (yet) another process, an analog one this time:
* Aluminum foil: attach pieces of aluminum foil to the speakers, playback sound with lots of low frequencies, and record the playback with two microphones.
I'm hoping this will add some different aspects to the whole. I'm sometimes not sure if the family tree is varied enough - too much inbred?

Just keep going, tomorrow another day. Hopefully finishing the 2d generation, and then looking at what I have and if I should generated more. Maybe try out some 3d generation examples.

To bed.