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EMS - Friday

I'm abiguous as to how this week went. I generated 155 soundfiles in the first generation, and 169 in the second - all between 30 sec and 3 min, a horrifying number for a 20 minute composition! I'm also not sure of the variety of sounds, since in quite a lot of cases you clearly hear the processes.

In generating the 2d generation, I became more and more critical on the sounds - I'd discard them much more quickly, also because I found quit a lot of them to be resembling 1st generation sounds too much. But it's also interesting that the order in which I'd work on them is important: after working for 2 hours I'd get tired of certain processes and not even try them. Kill the unborn in the womb, to quote Metallica Iron Maiden (2 Minutes to Midnight)...

I haven't consistently generated all possibilities for the 2d generation, but I don't think that's necessary. Also thinking about the next step where I'd have to go through all this material and make sense of it - it's probably good to already start selecting in the generation process.

Another thought: I already failed the initial goals I set myself. The processes I chose are too much about performing - while generating them I'm already making all kinds of artistic judgements, in stead of meticiously, mindlessly applying processes on the sounds.

Fo today I'll just generate some more 2d generation - being picky about which 1st generation files I choose, as to not generate any more trash (well, again defeating the purpose, but that's why it's called research I guess). Then I'll try some 3rd generation. Not too much, just playing around. The last thing I'd like to do here at EMS is organizing the sounds a bit. Thinking of a way to present them so I can more easily go through them and monitor them.