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Happy newyear to all you happy readers!

Last fall I have worked together with Ivo Bol on a software sampler for his live concerts. Like me, Ivo is an expert LiSa user (STEIM's live sampling software). Unfortunately LiSa cannot run on recent Mac laptops, so Ivo was looking for software to replace certain functionality of LiSa. To my knowledge, there exist no software sampler that treats samples in the very unique way like LiSa did. Years ago I have rebuild my extended LiSa setup in the SuperCollider programming language, and for Ivo I created a stripped down version that I call GeluidKrasser (SoundScratcher). It can be found on Github.

I have also been working on a more extended version with 4 sample buffers, also to be found on Github. Let me know if you have any questions or if you have trouble getting it to work.

GeluidKrasser Quadruple

LiSa X v1.25