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Review Money For Your Whale

The Money For Your Whale concert at the Kaboom Animationfestival received a warm review:

"One of the most entertaining events at Kaboom was a live performance by the band Money For Your Whale who improvised live music while animator/illustrator Sjaak Rood drew what he heard. Nothing was rehearsed or planned in advance. At this entertaining performance, Rood and the musicians let us “hear” what drawing sounds like. Not only did we see the images that Rood was drawing reflected on the big movie screen, but the sounds that the artist made also influenced the performance.

Singer and voice artist Han Buhrs performed his own lyrics in existing and invented languages. By adding rubbers, clothes pins, magnets, and some unidentifiable objects to his piano strings, Albert van Veenendaal created some unique, otherworldly sounds with a wide variety of timbers. Last, but far from least, Robert van Heumen captured all of the sounds live, which he then manipulated and added back into the performance. It was an extremely unique event that both Nik and I thoroughly enjoyed."

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