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March 27, 2018 - March 2018 Archives

KP6-3.7 at Orgelpark

Last Saturday my new composition for the Utopa Baroque Organ at Orgelpark saw the light. After a long development process with many technical hiccups, I was glad all went well. The piece was very well received, and the machines did not fail me.

Many thanks to all people at Orgelpark, that beautiful place.

KP6-3.7 (9’06") (work-in-progress)
for digitally enhanced Baroque organ, monophonic analog synth and live electronics
by Robert van Heumen

The music of KP6-3.7 is a process, a journey and a continuation of the ideas developed for the piece First Law of Kipple composed for the Sauer organ. Using existing material from different media, morphing it unrecognizable, I try to pay homage to my inspirations and at the same time create something entirely new. The new Baroque Organ inspired me to develop my ideas for a hyper-organ into new areas, combining sampled material, analog synthesizer and processed field-recordings with the traditional organ sound to create an instrument that unites the acoustic and the electronic into a whole. Since the organ was not available for experiments until 4 weeks before this premiere, the piece is not sealed yet, and will continue to be developed.

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