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To Whom this Power

After a long process of developing the concept, applying for grants, getting all the pieces together, finally the moment was there for the premier of the theatrical concert To Whom this Power. On November 28 at 8 the audience came strolling into the marvellous Orgelpark with its 7 church organs. Friends, collegues, organ fanatics, new music lovers. While the 5 performers, Anne La Berge, Sieger Baljon, Miriam Overlach, Jacob Lekkerkerker and myself, were hanging out on stage.

Jacob started the evening with his fantastic solo organ+electronics piece Black Noise White, followed by SPILL & Untitled For Anne by my hand, Anne's sweet and noisy Dakota and finally Orgelpark's commission piece Sacred Noise. “An attempt to wrest Sacred Noise from industry as a prelude to the discovery of a more trustworthy proprietor to whom this power may be bequeathed.” All of this alternated with Sieger Baljon's great poems about 'how we slowly but surely are ruining the earth's treasures'. The whole thing directed masterfully by Nienke Rooijakkers.

Then, applause. Very positive responses and, of course, critisism. Next weeks we'll undoubtedly discuss all of this, and see where to go from here.

I have great memories of sitting there in the sound field, surrounded by all this great music and musicians. Thanks to Miriam, Jacob, Anne, Nienke and Sieger for helping me to make this all possible. And of course Orgelpark for believing in this project.