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Meursault: Expired, 80 Miles, Coma

Last week I've been working on some songs I created last year.

Expired is a song created for my collaboration with Piet van Tienen. 'Electro Rock'? My first attempt at writing lyrics and composing for a traditional vocal/guitar/bass/drums combination. We haven't gotten together yet to arrange the song and record it, but I did make my own version.

80 Miles is a song created for the band Spoon3. Rather straightforward with a catchy chorus. Not enough rehearsal time before Spoon3's concert in November last year unfortunately, and there are no gigs scheduled, so I'm working on my own version. Experimenting now arranging it for vocal/guitar/bass/drums. I really enjoy trying to make midi versions of those instruments sound good, adding lo-fi and other effects.

Coma was my first piece for Spoon3, and that wasn't working very well. Too rigid, too composed for this group. I still like it, so I might also work on a midi version.

I will create these songs under the moniker of Meursault, the protagonist of Camus' L'√ątranger. I feel very connected to that character.