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Steenklank / finished

I've uploaded the files, this Friday will be the premiere! No spots available anymore for that day, but there are plenty of opportunities to walk, individually or in a group. Check out the Soundtrackcity website of the Steenklank page.

It was a very interesting process. Steenklank was developed using a score-process: Anne Rooschüz took photographs of architectural details and converted them into abstract drawings. Then I took those drawings and put them to music as if they were notes in a traditional score. This turned out to be very inspiring. Some score-to-sound mappings are very one-to-one, some are very far-fetched. But in any case it made all the creative juices flow. I'm planning to use this technique more often for future projects.

Steenklank is accompanied by a booklet containing these scores. More info, sound excerpts and the booklet can be found here.