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Tubes in Chains / final touch

On Sept 30 I found myself in Orgelpark again, for the final 'development' rehearsal of Tubes in Chains with Nora Mulder and Anne La Berge. Changes were made beforehand, we tested all the musical sections I created for the combination of church organs, flute and electronics and laptop-instrument. Nora and Anne gave me valuable ideas to solve things and to create a beautiful combination of sounds and a good sense of structure.

We will be using the MIDI-fied Sauer organ, the little chest organ and the characteristic Molzer organ. We'll have three days before the concert to work with the organ player Dominik Blum who will perform at the premiere.

Many thanks to Anne and Nora for working with me developing the composition. Nora was especially generous as she's not even playing the piece on the premiere!