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Night Call / composition for InstanPOOL

In September 2013 I created the composition Night Call for the band IstanPOOL. Initiated by Mark Alban Lotz and Korhan Erel, IstanPOOL merges the Istanbul and Dutch improvised music scenes, both acoustic and electronic. Night Call is pure suspense, inspired by Painkiller, David Lynch and Ennio Morricone.

Night Call uses the Shackle System: a digital cueing systen that will regularly propose new musical sections to the players to play. The proposals will be displayed on an LCD screen visible to the players only. The length of the sections and their order will be somewhat random: some sections will be a bit longer than others and some will occur more often than others. There will be one 'conductor' who can interfere with the system to cancel propositions and to call up new proposals. Each new proposal is counted down in 15 seconds to allow the musicians time to prepare for the new section. For Night Call I created 5 musical sections.

The composition was not originally in my stipend application. It came to life when Mark asked me to join IstanPOOL and write a piece for the band.

More information and a recording of the premiere in Rasa here.