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GeluidjesFabriek / first sound units

The GeluidjesFabriek (Dutch for LittleSoundsFactory) is a factory that you feed a collection of sounds, which are then processed automatically into a new combined sound unit. The first generation of units to roll off the assembly line is called Workum. Workum sound units are 2min45sec in length (except for some of the first units that are 2min39sec).

Sound units are posted on Soundcloud. The factory is still under construction, and more sound units are on the way. The GeluidjesFabriek is dedicated to and inspired by Oane Abma.

The system is built in audio programming software SuperCollider. I mainly let the program run its course. The only intervention I allow myself is generating multiple versions from one collection of sounds, then line them up in a multitrack audio editor and do some mixing. I leave the timing intact.