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MOROS / 70's synths and Mellotron

The last couple of weeks I've been working on MOROS, my piece for contrabassclarinet and bassclarinet with electronics. A first version of the structure and note material is done, including some nice 70's synth arpeggios and my version of the Mellotron.

Now working on the electronic material, and in the middle of generating material using the family tree concept: starting out with 15 one-minute samples from my recording session with Laura Carmichael and Oguz Buyukberber, processing them with 3 playback methods from my laptop-instrument. Repeating this process iteratively I'm building a tree of derived samples. It's quite labour-intensive and although I'm actually 'playing' the samples, it's not a very exciting job. The tree can be as high as I want, but I know I'll get tired of it and will have enough material somewhere in the 2nd generation. Then comes listening back and selecting, putting together within the structure. That phase will be short and sweet, as it always is.