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Guest lecturer Live Electronics Master CvA

This week I was a guest at the Conservatorium Amsterdam, talking about my work and 'the laptop as instrument'. Also working with the students preparing a concert that happened yesterday evening at STEIM. The group consists of 5 students from all over the world (Russia, Germany, Korea, Cypres, Israel), playing a range of instruments (drums, bass, guitar, vocals, piano - hey, a pop-band). They all had their act together, were very comfortable with hardware and software, and musically advanced. It was great to work with them, building an hour worth of performance.

During the process, I also build them a small live sampler in SuperCollider. I named it NanoSampler, to be controlled with a Korg nanoKontrol MIDI controller. It is a very basic version of the live sampling that I do myself. If you're interested, you can download it here:

One crappy photo below. And no, they weren't drunk. Part of the act.