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Another project I've been working on the last year or so, intermittently. GeluidsjesFabriek or LittleSoundsFactory. Dedicated to a good friend of mine, who passed away two years ago and always used this term to describe my work. It will be what in academic terms would be called an algorithmic composition: "Algorithmic composition is the technique of using algorithms to create music. Algorithms (or, at the very least, formal sets of rules) have been used to compose music for centuries; the procedures used to plot voice-leading in Western counterpoint, for example, can often be reduced to algorithmic determinacy. The term is usually reserved, however, for the use of formal procedures to make music without human intervention, either through the introduction of chance procedures or the use of computers." (Wikipedia)

In this case I will create a structure in time of sample processing, specifying things like 'play 2 seconds of this sample looped while in 5 seconds change a certain filter from 200 to 10000, repeat this, then start the playback of another sample, letting the samplehead jump around in a certain pattern while increasing the jumping speed in 10 seconds from 1 to 10'. I will add some randomness in timing as well as in processing. The best thing however is that the samples to be used can be specified for each run by just pointing to a folder on the computer's harddisk. Samples will be chosen randomly, so the idea being that there will be radically different versions possibly of the piece, but structurally they will be very similar.

The processing is chosen in such a way that resembles factory processes: repeating sounds, focus on mechanic movements, juxtaposition of very different sounds and rhythms.

During the process of building this thing I'll regularly post 'products' of this 'factory' on a Soundcloud page. Update: still have to work on it to make presentable 'products', there's too much dynamic range and painful peaks.