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Shackle Affair: Organ / another working day at Orgelpark

Last Monday I spend a full day at Orgelpark. As they are closed on Mondays, I was on my own. I mainly worked on amplification of the organs for live sampling and processing. My conclusion after this day:

  • For the Sauer organ I will use the two dynamic microphones that are already installed in the organ, to live sample and process the sound. I will also put a Rat distortion pedal on the organ. This sounds great on the organ. After this work is done I should try a drone piece for the organ, in Sunn O))) style.
  • For the Elbert Kistorgel I will use two Neumann microphones stuck into the opened top of the organ. The bleed from the speakers into the mics will be acceptable. I will definitely live sample and process the sound from the organ, and also extend it with a ZVEX distortion pedal.
  • I'm not really sure yet how to amplify the Molzer organ. I did test putting a wireless Beyer Dynamic mic in there, but placement is very important as I'd like to get a balanced level from all pipes. So next time I'll put two of those microphones in there on stands, and see if that works.

I also tested MIDI control to and from the Sauer console a bit. Triggering notes and changing registers with the joystick. Very cool, but very dangerous: a high risk of stuck MIDI notes. Although I trust my SuperCollider programming, I'll have to test this thoroughly, and then some more. What we don't want is hanging notes during a concert. MIDI coming from the Sauer console will trigger flute samples in my SuperCollider setup. Also quite risky, but I have more control there so I can always break in if things go haywire.

A short documentation video: