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Scooterman & Leak over Assange / in the studio

Last week I spend a day with Piet van Tienen in the flesh (after working remotely for over a year or so) to fine-tune the two songs we've been working on. The process: Piet would send me a raw version of the songs, played by himself on guitar and voice recorded on a webcam. I would then arrange them, adding drums, bass lines, mellotron-like instruments. Also thinking of my own role as producer/player, where to add my joystick-abstract-crackle and where to process guitar/voice. Now in the studio together it was the time for a reality-check.

The arrangements sounded good when played with the live guitar and voice. Levels need to be balanced for sure, but overall fine. Live sampling the voice and guitar also worked well, but with moderation. I really have to adjust, not playing to much, letting the story tell itself. Same for more abstract joystick-action: hold back, moderate. But especially this last aspect I really have to rethink. Not sure if I should not leave it out completely.

I thought of posting some excerpts, but it's still to fragile. So patience please ;)