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The First Law of Kipple: 'finished'

My composition for tape and MIDI-controlled organ is declared done. It'll be a while before premiere, and that's also an issue right there: part of the tape is done by 'live' (in the studio) processing of recorded organ. The recordings on which this is based were made in August 2012 at Orgelpark using the MIDI-fied Sauer organ, and when working again at Orgelpark last December, I was horrified to hear that the organ's tuning was off by almost a eight tone! So playing the tape (with organ recordings) together with the 'new' tuning of the organ sounded very wrong. I'm quite fond of microtonal differences, but 22 cents is just too much. Luckily I could solve this by pitch-shifting my recordings in software, which sounded quite good. But the problem might repeat itself, so I'll have to make sure to check a week or so before the concert and just hope that the weather will be similar to last December ;)

Lesson number 2: when using samples of instruments in a semi-tonal environment, make sure the date of recording and the date of premiere are not too far apart.

(A lesson I've already neglected when recording organ samples for the other organ piece)