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The Sound of the Machine, the tape version

The Sound of the Machine is a composition for Disklavier, tape, flute & electronics and laptop-instrument. Especially the presence of the Disklavier in this list makes it difficult to have the piece performed. Plus I like the sound material and I'm not really finished working with it. So that's why I'm working on a tape version of the piece. To be premiered at Jeff Carey's 'The BTO presents: RTFM' in Baltimore, somewhere this spring.

Multichannel is something that I have a love-hate relationship with. In general I'm totally happy with stereo. Enough richness in sound, depth, space. But as electronic musician I am attracted to using multiple speakers. After all, sound projection from a speaker is nothing compared to sound projection by an acoustic instrument, so we try to make up for it with quantity. Fail. So for this piece I'd like to start thinking of using multiple speakers in an interesting way, or maybe find another way of using a stereo pair.

The status as of now: the tape part is there, I've recorded Anne's flute & electronics, plus my own processing of the flute. In two weeks I'll be recording the Disklavier at Muziekhuis Utrecht, and then the final stage: mixing.