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Trip report London Feb 9-12

Another succesful Converging Objects workshop by Shackle, now at Call & Response in London.


The workshop was part of a 5-day visit to the city PJ Harvey was very glad to return to ;) We started with a lecture/concert at Brunel University, invited by Bob Gilmore and Sarah Nicolls. Despite the small audience it was a nice event, with very enthousiastic students and staff. The day after Shackle played at Cafe Oto. Again it started out with a small audience, but more came in during the first set. I started out with a solo, playing Stranger for 10 minutes, then Anne played a piece by Michael Young. After the break it was Shackle'ing all the way. Fun!

The workshop at Call & Response ran for two days. Lots of acoustic musicians, as opposed to the computer people at Edinburgh in December. Also more girls than boys! Good atmosphere, and I think everyone got something out of it. There are more pictures here. Audio will follow soon.