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January 30, 2011 - January 2011 Archives

Converging Objects workshop

Converging Objects is a workshop I'm teaching together with Anne LaBerge. It deals with live electronics and improvisation. More info on this page. There's also some documentation there on previous incarnations.

If you're interested in hosting this workshop, let me know.


So we're in 2011 already. Things are speeding up, or am I getting older ;)

Shackle is doing really well. We have a bunch of gigs lined up for the next months, including a visit to London for a lecture, 2 concerts and a workshop. You can see all this on the events page. Coming week I'll be in Zürich, to talk and play at a bassclarinet symposium, where host Matthias Müller will present the first prototype of SABRe, a bass clarinet system for live electronics. It might as well be a dress rehearsal for the latest James Bond movie, where the villain has invented SABRe to take over the world, or at least destroy it.

I'm currently working on Like Harry, a soundwalk in collaboration with Simone de Jong, that will premiere at the Gaudeamus Muziekweek that happens in Utrecht in September of this year. We started brainstorming already, and are busy getting the funding apps out to finance this. The music will be a mix between scored acoustic material, spoken text and electronic sounds. The scored material is new ground to cover for me, so I'm working hard on that. I'm looking forward working on the text, being able to process this more thoroughly than the usual live sampling. The electronic parts will be the usual stuff, lots of it generated with LiSa.

Out for now.

O, one more thing: I heard Laura Carmichael play Temper, a piece for basclarinet and electronics written by Aaron Einbond. Great stuff. Would like to meet him.

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