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Collaborations with Susan Happersett

The last couple of months I've started a fruitful collaboration with visual artist Susan Happersett from Jersey City, resulting in two stop-motion video's with a soundtrack: fibonacci scroll and Fashion Week.

Both video's were constructed by photographing every frame by hand by Susan and her partner Gertjan, then collected into a video. The soundtrack was added afterwards. On fibonacci scroll I wanted to double the rhythm created by the marching scribblings on the screen in the beginning, then flipping the atmosphere around in the second part. For Fashion Week I created a kit on my MachineDrum (made by Elektron) and punched in/out various sounds while watching the video. Creating a number of variations I choose the one that fitted best in the end.

The full video's will probably be put online some time in the future, but since they will be submitted to various festivals and museums I can't give more than a glimpse right now.