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SKIF++ performed at the NYCEMF festival

Earlier this year I submitted a SKIF++ piece to the NYCEMF music festival. The track was accepted, but it turned out impossible for the whole SKIF++ group to go to New York (not that I didn't want to go, mind you!). Jeff was the only one able to be there at that time.

The SKIF++ performances are improvised, but guided by pre-conceived structures, and with interaction between the 'soundguys' Jeff and myself, and the 'videoguy' Bas. We decided to present the people at NYCEMF with an experiment: Bas made an interactive standalone patch in Jitter, that responds to incoming audio (much like the way he works when playing with SKIF++, except that when he's actually participating in the performance, he'll tweak the way the patch responds to our audio) and Jeff and myself choose a track from our forthcoming album and extracted only my part from it. At the concert, Jeff performed solo along this track whilst interacting with the Jitter patch. From what I heard, the audience was thrilled by the result.