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Happy newyear!

So it's been a while. I have been trying to relax, and immediately after that work started to crawl up on me again. There's a couple of things scheduled, a.o. a solo concert at the Spark festival in Minneapolis and two concerts with Whistle Pig Saloon, my duo with John Ferguson. I'm also working on a CD release for Whistle Pig Saloon, as well as a solo CD, Stranger, combining the composition of the same name with a special version of my radioplay No Man's Land, created for WORM/VPRO last year. Both CD's will be released on Creative Sources Recordings soon.

I'm very happy that my work Solitude is showing in Amsterdam, finally! It will play on March 18 - 21 at the Frascati Theater. A preview:

Also there's a video of the Whistle Pig Saloon concert at STEIM last November.

For a complete listing of events see the events section.

On another note: I've finally sold my Lincoln Continental. Happy to finally give it a better home, but sad to miss it. It's a beautiful car....