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OfficeR new CD!

OfficeR released a 'Recording the grain' on +3db. There's a review on KindaMuzik (in Dutch).


Recording the Grain is doordrongen van vrije jazz. Koen Nutters, Dirk Bruinsman, Morten J Olsen, Sakir Oguz Buyukberber, Jeff Carey en Robert Van Heumen treden in muzikale dialoog en dit leidt tot spannende experimenten. Actie en reactie vinden elkaar. Spanning en eenvoud gaan hand en hand. Melodie├źn ontwikkelen zich en gaan over in andere structuren. Recording the Grain vormt zo een goed bewijs dat binnen de wereld van vrije jazz en improvisatie nog interessante experimenten mogelijk zijn.

And a review by Frans de Waard for Vitalweekly:

Office-R(6) is a sort of big band, in which North meets South and West meets East. Morten Olsen on percussion, Koen Nutters on bass and structure, Robert van Heumen on laptop (running LiSa), Jeff Carey on laptop (with Super Collider), Sakir Oguz on Buyukberber and bass clarinet and Dirk Bruinsma on soprano and baritone sax. These people work together in various combinations under the big banner of N-Collective. From what I gather from the information they operate in strict improvisation mood. It seems without any post editing. Acoustic and electronic meet up in a great way. A great way that needs a lot of concentration to fully grasp what they are doing, as this is certainly not easy listening music. Hectic, nervous, intense. Sometimes its hard to tell what is what around and that is something that is a great quality of this. Highly demanding and highly rewarding music. (FdW)