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No thanks to Thanksgiving

I'm currently reading Arthur Japin's book 'De overgave' ('The surrender') about a colonist family being slain by indians in Texas in 1836, and the search for the grandmother for her kidnapped grandchild. Told mainly from the perspecitive of 'Granny', and based on a true story, I constantly feel sympathy for the suffering of the woman, while at the same time I get shivers from the injustice being done to the indians and their culture. Fascinating how Japin can make you bounce back and forth between those 'two sides', it illustrates the big dilemma and deals with the responsibility we have (or have not?) for the actions of your ancestors. I haven't finished yet, but this morning I read an article on Alternet on Thanksgiving, on how America celebrates people who've massacred almost the total indigenous indian population on the continent. I get very sad on how theses kinds of injustices still go on today in situations like Israel/Palestine, and how also 'my country' has performed atrocities in the past, and got away with it. How to deal with that?