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No Man's Land

I'm working on a radioplay commissioned by WORM (Rotterdam). I've been working in their studio (the former CEM studio) to generate samples using analog equipment, and I'm now in the process putting it together. Some nice material there! Below is the promotional blurp, as well as an image.

No Man's Land

This radiophonic work deals with the Dust Bowl period in the USA, specifically with the people that lived in the Oklahoma Panhandle, the extreme western region of the state Oklahoma. We will hear the story of Hazel Lucas, who migrated to Boise City, Cimmaron County with her parents and who lived through the worst hard times during this ecological and economical disaster. The story is taked from the book 'The worst hard time' by Timothy Egan. Most of the sounds are produced in the CEM studio at WORM Rotterdam with the ARP2500 and the Korg MS-20 synthesizers and a Synton stereo EQ. The voice is by Marilyn Ivy and the production is done by Robert van Heumen.