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Before leaving for Newcastle...

Tomorrow I'll be leaving for CultureLab, Newcastle-upon-tyne. That's where I'll stay for two weeks, working on Vreemdeling. I'll talk about it to the students, discuss electronic composition techniques, work on finalizing the stereo version, and preparing a multi channel version. There will be a concert at the end, at which I will probably perform the multi channel version, using joysticks and such for diffusion. Sending OSC to the Resound system. This might be combined with my usual live setup. Or I might also perform Fury. Will see.

Currently I'm still thrown off balance quite a bit with all the events from the last couple of weeks. STEIM threatened to be shut down and other personal stuff around the workplace. Thinking of STEIM, it's not so much that I fear losing my job. I'm just very angry that people would risk losing such a valuable place. It's injustice. But well, lots of people said that much better and in prettier words than I can... all the letters that came in.

In these times I can find solace with music. Not only my own, but just beautiful music. Like Martha Wainwright's 'I know you're married but I've got feelings too' (great title!), Portishead's Third, or just straightforward Linkin park's Hybrid Theory.