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Obama for president - or maybe Barry Adamson

Of course I don't know a thing about everyday life in the US, and even less about its politics, but following the whole circus from a distance, and reading some here and there, I'd like to officially endorse Obama here (Let the media come in! Experimental composer in Bos en Lommer endorses Obama!).
Seriously - read Robert Reich's blog entry. His blog makes a lot of sense in general.
And although I know charisma can be dangerous at times, I think Obama's charisma could help him, the US and the rest of the world 'transcending the boundaries of class, race, and nationality'. I know some friends on that side of the big devide have lost hope that anything will change, but if we want anything to happen, it'll have to be through Obama.

O, and give Barry Adamson a listen - Stranger of a Sofa is a very nice, a little dark, but overall very happy album. And usually I hate happy music - so that says something. You can listen now (don't know how long they will keep it there) at VPRO's 3voor12 luisterpaal.

Finally, talking about media, listen to the first recording ever made.