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OK, one more before we get to 'real content'.

Nowadays I get most of my information about the world from the daily newspaper (the dutch NRC Handelsblad - yes, paper version) and RSS feeds (which are usually followed by some web browsing). I'd like to share some feeds:

> Neither more nor less: a photoblog from the East Village in New York City - mostly bums, punks and storefronts - very warm
> Robert Reich's Blog: interesting views on USA politics
> Boing Boing: 'a directory of wonderful things' - mainly art, some politics, funny things
> Lost At E Minor: Music, illustration, art, photography and more: I guess the title says it all - I've got a lot of my desktop images through posts on this blog ;)
> great source for 'USA news done better'
> t r u t h o u t: good place for USA news from various sources