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RKS+T & Egidius

I've been rehearsing with Tom Tlalim, Keir Neuringer and Taku Mizuta Lippit this weekend, to prepare for a STEIM evening at the Jauna Muzika festival in Lithuania. There were some very interesting combinations - fascinating how you can create such varied soundworlds with different combinations of 4 people. Instrumental interaction with Taku and Keir, earshaking noise with Tom and myself, soundtrack music with RKS (the trio with Keir and Taku with which we recorded some tracks last year). But what's most difficult is all 4 together.... Maybe this is a rule? With 2 or 3 it's usually not so difficult to create interesting music, but with 4 or more you need more structure? This reminds me of something Daniel Schorno said last week: you need at least 3 parameters to create complexity - 2 is not enough. Actually, this is only very vaguely connected to the previous... well.. Back to my glass of wine. Later.

Afterthought: if you want to see a house being build (or at least a bathroom & kitchen), visit the blog with the progress on the house we bought: