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So. It seems the democracy in the Netherlands is going down the drain. My confidence in the democratic system wasn't that big to begin with, but the following is really flabbergasting. Last week the people have cast their votes, creating a shift in the electorial field. Both extreme right and extreme left gained, and the current government lost bigtime, especially on the right side. Forming a new government is going to be tough, but it seems a center-left coalition (CDA/PvdA/SP) could make a chance. In the meantime, while this process is just starting up, the PvdA, the biggest leftish party, commanded a vote about the policy of the to-be-replaced government of expelling illegal immigrants, some of whom have waited more than 5 years for the decision - while having build up a new life, kids grown up in a dutch way, and really becoming 'new' dutch citizins. And, most of all, not having any life to go back to in their 'home country'. This policy is inhuman, and now was actually voted against by the '2e kamer' ('congress') 75-74. So this is clearly the people speaking I'd say, so close after elections. But what does the soon-to-be-replaced government do? They refuse to carry it out!! What!? Because it was a not a big majority voting against? That's the way democracy works, not?? I'm outta words....