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Gaudeamus Live Electronics festival +++ more

This week (Nov 20 - 24) is the LEF festival - organized by Gaudeamus, and a bit by STEIM. We're having the 'elektronischeinstrumentententoonstelling' (an exhibition of fun toys - to be touched), a book presentation by Nic Collins tomorrow (tuesday) at 16h. Then Michel W. is playing in Bimhuis on wednesday, and I play with officeR on thursday, in the impropool. To show that improvisation doesn't always have to be free.

As if this wasn't enough, we're also playing with officeR, SKIF++ and MoHa at Paradox in Tilburg. More info:,, and of course at

Last saturday I was at November Music in Den Bosch, for a presentation of the Wave Field Syntheses system. Not going to go into the details (just google it), but it's a way to diffuse sound in a 2-dimensional space. In this case with 192(!) speakers. Yannis Kyriakides, Wouter Snoei and Barbara Ellison were asked to create compositions for the system, which turned out to be a brave, but not very succesfull task. Just playing around with positioning sounds in space is not an easy thing to do, and it turned out they had only three days with the system. Impossible to make more than a demo for the cool movements the system can create. Well, maybe I'm just jealous....