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Gaudeamus - cont. ++++++

After playing a kick-ass N event with officeR, SKIF++ and MoHa at Paradox Tilburg on wednesday for a small audience, officeR played a rather tame set at the Gaudeamus Live Electronics festival on thursday. I'm suspecting that's due to the little playing we actually do. Compared to the SKIF++ sets the officeR concerts seem to be so much more risky in a way. There are more nerves, more insecurities, more expectations - but then again, compared to the not so exciting impro sets after officeR in the Bimhuis, I think we did a pretty good job. The impropool sets were performed by not the least in european improv: Anne LaBerge, Justin Bennet, Marko Ciciliani, Lukas Simonis, to name a few. But the free improv they played is interesting for about 5 minutes. Then of course there are the short interesting connections that are made sometimes, but the overall structure is too loose to keep the attention.

De moraal van het verhaal: Keep Away From Free Improv If You Want More Than The Occasional Thrill...